FIAT Flatout, Car shortest in the world!

Written By kentoznoism on 3/09/2011 | 6:01 AM

We all know that FIAT is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world, millions of its products have spread all over the world. There have been many types of FIAT cars that are excellent for millions of car enthusiasts around the world. FIAT one product that could attract the attention of the world is a FIAT Flatout.

Flatout FIAT famous not because the model is sophisticated, but because the size of a very shallow height. Flatout FIAT car has even been named as a common car in the world's shortest, tall car is only about 40 centimeters, or the equivalent of a lawn mower.

High overall body of the car is even almost the same height tires. while the distance between the lower body to the soil surface only about 6 cm. No wonder the car was crowned as the shortest car in the world. even so short, this car could break through the bottom of the truck.

To be able to drive this car, the driver should stretch his legs when menegmudi (like driving a go-kart). For speed, FIAT Flatout no doubt, because although the size, flat, speed remains the same premises most other normal car.

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