Jimmi Hendrix at Interior VW Bulli

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One look at the model and appearance - especially with two-color paint (two-tone) - the ancient people or VW enthusiast, certainly remembered with a VW combi or in Indonesia, also known as the VW Bread.

Nothing wrong! VW accidentally bring back or recycle their legends, namely VW combi which is also called the Transporter! VW combi is known around the world, including in the United States who call mikrobus.

"Created to restore the spirit of automotive freedom 64 years ago," said VW Bulli in a special release. The name was taken from the nickname Bulli VW combi in Germany who was drafted in 1947. In the United States, in the 1970s VW combi widely used by the hippies created as a tent to walk and became a symbol of resistance against kemampanan.

Electric minibuses
Bulli on display to the public in Geneva, could no longer called mikrobus. Because the dimensions of van monobox (have a little nose) is very compact, which is 3.999 m, width 1.75 m, height 1.7 m and 2.52 m wheelbase (longer than the VW Golf). These dimensions, shorter than the Toyota Avanza and Daihatsu Xenia (length 4.1 meters). Which is why VW's compact MPV and a tent called walking.

New traits, but the old concept that is still used on this car, load the 6-passenger (including driver) with two rows of benches. One series for three passengers, just like the old school VW combi!

Another difference, Bulli is now more friendly to the environment. The showcase is an electric version. However, VW says, will also be preparing for gasoline or diesel engine direct injection capacity of 1.0 liter or 1.4 liter.

For the electric version, the motor produces 85 kW power and 270 Nm of torque obtained by lithium-ion battery is 40 kWh. Batteries arranged in layers on the floor, so the contents can create a distance of 300 km.

Electric motors and drive systems, this van was in the front wheel. Rear bench can be folded flat to create a bigger luggage space, while the front of the front 2 / 3. This method is copied from the old combi.

Fender Guitar
The interior combines elements of past and modern. In the center mounted iPad that can be removed and can be used to call (the system does not need to be held and navigation. Holder iPod is also used to control the AC and emergency light switch.

For musical entertainment, the system created by the legendary producer and guitarist of the United States Fende. According to VW in this way, passengers enjoy the sound system as people watch the show live, "Like watching Jimmi Hendrix played at Woodstock 1969 kebangsaaan United States," The Star-Spangled Banner ", with a Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Controls are very easy driving. Simply Rotate the switch to forward and backward. Meanwhile, to start the motor and electricity were shut down, simply by pressing the button on the compression. Cars not equipped with an electric motor tachometer because it does not require it.

Wheel hubcap
VW design a full charge can last an hour. Ability sprint 0-100 kpj, van weighing 1459 kg including battery, 11.5 seconds with a top speed of 140 kpj (electronically limited). With such capabilities, Bulli considered suitable for short trips in town as well as for the holiday weekend.

Modern components mounted on the body is a small lamp type LED L-shaped front. His appearance was assessed vans dashing for use with 18 inch rim old design, the middle (light bulb) chromated with large size.

Also mentioned, Transporter Type a name better known by the combi, got 90 more combinations. "Starting to sell ice cream to firefighters," said VW

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