Honda Accord Cielo 1994

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Specifications Honda Cielo modifications this time was so full, fair received the title Champion Elegant. That characterize this car is a stretched body, air suspension and motorized command to open all the doors. Jogjakarta back mentorehkan gold ink in the universe modification homeland. Recently modifier home town guded successfully reach the Champions trophy Elegant Accelera Auto Contest held recently in Jakarta.

Unyielding spirit lived Jogja Speed teams with vehicles from Japanese manufacturers. Honda Accord Cielo output in 1994 which entered into Emagz SO this time, has undergone a surgical form very different from the original car. As a Front Cover, SO team saw many advantages of this limousine Japan concept car. When viewed from the front, this car is not really steal the show, but make SO'mers who saw it from the side, it will see a body that alter the quality is so stunning. Herein lies the origin of Jogjakarta excess sedan.

Little information, long process of this car takes 1 year. Over the past 12 months this is a black sedan was hanging out in the workshop which is located on Jl. Krangkungan, Jogjakarta. Results classified as fine craftsmanship, detailing on each side look tidy. This is the hook the liver jury modifications to provide a high point, between the concept and detailing as well.

Alter Body
The addition of "meat" and "bone" on this car is done to get the look limousine. Premium to get their body, wearing the team Jogja Speed other vehicle parts. So there is a vehicle that was sacrificed and its body coupled to a Honda Accord. "The choice to use the vehicle body acted for the sake of getting the design that is consistent," said one team representative Jogja Speed, while shooting this car.

At first glance, there does adopt the middle door of the vehicle. It's just so the results are needed flair to the design maximum. Not only "meat" is added, but the same is treated on its axis suitable chassis-drawn vehicles. Only in the middle of grafting carried out using a steel chassis and is closely tied with the welding of high quality. Besides the addition of side glass is also done, following section is added.

The more interesting on the connection body, Jogja Speed team does not use the middle pillar to support the roof. Suicide doors door door concept was chosen because it put forward the design of pure elegance. The back door is driven by a motorized system which is operated from the knob on the dashboard.

Talk to a motorized system also applies to filling the gas tank cap, front door, baggage hood, engine hood and sunroof. Simply push the knob all the open section can be moved simultaneously.

Lux Cabin
Not delicious taste, if not into the limousine. The atmosphere of luxury seen in particle cabin. Limo Daleman is a lot of wear custom-designed parts ala Jogja Speed team. Starting from the seat, dootrim, dashboard, carpet, ceiling wrapped with leather trim by workmanship. However, this limo is not forbidden to use aftermarket parts such as steering wheel wear Fabulous, shiftknob owned DAD, Momo pedal set belongs.

The cabin is divided into two parts, the separation has become a symbol of the VIP car, in front of the provided seats for the driver and the left is still given a seat for passengers. While in the back seat available overstuffed sofa with double seat design. Sofa is wrapped with leather crocodile skin motif, luxurious result could be obtained.
In addition there are large TVs that can be driven by a motorized system. Incomplete taste if not provide a minibar as a prerequisite for VIP car, by utilizing some of the side, then the minibar facilities also available. There in the cabin with a luxurious range of facilities services, making passengers in the rear like a five star hotel.

Multimedia Systems
What are the system to mix the audio service in the cabin? This car plunge multimedia system to conform with the concept over all this car. As the main source used head unit Alpine CDA-9861 which is connected to a TV monitor in the back kabing such as monitors 32 "and and LCD 19"in the trunk.

For speakers tailored to the needs, there are 5 sets of speakers 6.5 "scattered in the front cabin, rear and trunk. Do not miss the subwoofer 12 "hanging out with a reverse position so that the more visible touch of cosmetics. Multimedia system is supported by 3 power with great power. So that the system will not drop if all drivers and monitors work.
Limousine results wong Yogyakarta besutan this proves, if modifications in the homeland, has become a lifestyle and should get a proper appreciation of all parties.

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