Modified Yamaha Mio

Written By kentoznoism on 3/18/2011 | 10:58 PM

Yamaha is one manufacturer that makes a new innovation in the form of motor bike type automatic. Matic motor made by Yamaha, there are two kinds of Yamaha and Yamaha Mio Mio Soul. Both Yamaha products is a superior product from yamaha motor matik because it became desirable among young children now, let alone who was looking for automatic type motor. In the world of automotive modification mio mio sporty soul and modifications most often modified by the owner of the motor because the motor is in addition to tanpak interesting and beautiful, this bike is also very easy for the modification of course with different tastes of the owner.

In a modification, particularly motor and yamaha yamaha mio soul many things that can be modified such as changing the motor body color becomes the color that we like, replace the rim, replace tires, kenalpot, changing lights, even raise the engine modifications to the cc or speed.

In general, young children are now modifying his yamaha mio with the concept of low rider. In the automotive world the concept of low rider is a concept that makes the motor a little more visible fat mio. In concept this low rider mio yamaha motor is made slightly longer than the usual size in order to compensate for the large rims and tires will be replaced on the concept of this low rider.

The concept of this low rider, yamaha yamaha mio soul or that have been changed into a big rims and tires must consider the ability of automatic motor itself, not to the use of tires that are too large this makes the motor speed yamaha yamaha mio or your soul to be reduced. For that you must modify the engine from yamaha mio soul or Yamaha or phrase you have to add energy or cc of motor yamaha yamaha mio or mio soul.

In the modification of existing yamaha mio most important thing that should be emphasized or that should not be forgotten by the owner of comfort when carrying motor yamaha mio and also not forgetting the security level of the motor.

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Good concept that u have done .its nice to see do ur best thing in this Yamaha Motor Bikes

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