Features and Luxury All New Honda City

Written By kentoznoism on 3/09/2011 | 6:44 AM

. STRINGKLY Ahead ... present leading by design with a line design in the exterior look that exudes dynamic energy. Shown interesting along an increasingly reliable performance, according to you the spirit of modern, advanced, courageous in control, and always ready to accept new challenges.

Be at the forefront together. . . All New Honda City. . .

Innovation as a whole to a luxury and comfort, ranging from the form of a bold and dynamic exterior to interior is roomy and comfortable. Experience the advanced features that will pamper you. features Reclining Seat, rear seat adjustable slope, and Retractable Head Rest, namely that the headrest is height adjustable.
A breakthrough that not only penetrate the dimensions of time and era with advanced design and features but also gives the dimensions of space that allows all passengers to sit comfortably large cabin space and roomy cabin and distance created by the longer wheelbase. Design chair petrified keep your posture in order to stay comfortable and reduces fatigue when driving

Experience the ideal balance antrara great power and fuel from the engine efesinsi i-VTEC engine which is the standard of the All New Honda City. various advantages such as Speed Automatic Transmission, torque boost resonator, shift hold control, drive by wire, and the structure diperbahurui suspension will result in rapid acceleration, strong and tough yag machine and ride comfort.

Features ABS (Antiloc Break System) at Honda prevent the wheels locking during sudden braking. Features EBD (Electronic Brake-force Distribution) distributes braking power according to load, while the BA (Break Assist) help for more effective braking.

At During a frontal collision, the front airbags inflate instantly to reduce injury to the driver and front passenger

G-CON (G-Force Control Technology) & ACE, Honda's original technology that can deliver and absorb great impact of collisions and keep the cabin remained safe and intact and ACE (Advanced Compatibility Engineering), provides comprehensive protection in a collision with the passenger cabin although kendraan a larger size.

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