BMW-6 Series Gliding Kupe to Shanghai

Written By kentoznoism on 3/16/2011 | 7:31 PM

If at the Detroit Motor Show (January) BMW-6 Series models featuring a convertible, especially on carpet Shanghai Auto Show that took place this April, the Bavarian company that brings the Series-6 kupe as his debut appearance.

Interior lucky bamboo curtain with a decision BMW two-door sedan displaying at the exhibition. Because, the vehicle was the work of BMW design boss Adrian van Hooydonk who replaced Chris Bangle in 2009. Although in terms of look no significant change from its predecessor, but the car is positioned as a premium GT.

Kupe 2 +2 has dimensions of 75 mm or longer than its predecessor 4.894mm. Likewise, more stretchy 1.894mm width 39 mm and 5 mm lower (height 1369 mm). Then, the distance is 2855 mm wheel axis is also the 75 mm long, thus increasing the rear passenger space.

'm Still the same interior design with soft-top model with a more driver oriented cockpit, plus given enough screen width of the center console.

At the time of launch, kupe-6 Series is offered in two engine options, each with a capacity of 3.0 liter turbocharged variant for the 640i and 4.4-liter turbocharged V8 for the 650i variant. Both vehicles are equipped with rear wheel motion automatic transmission 8-speed sport, but if you want to perform manually pull the lever enough to stay behind the wheel (pedal shifts) as a model F1. And for the American market, 650i models also have a 6-speed manual gearbox.

About its performance, maximum power spraying 640i 320HP at 5800 rpm and 450Nm of torque between 1300-4500 rpm with acceleration 0-100 km per hour attained 5.4 seconds. Only, speed enthusiasts can not melesatkan car over 250 km per hour because of the speed limiter has been given. For the fuel consumption of the test results in Europe 7.7 liters per 100 km, while CO2 emissions of 179g/km.

For the 650i, there are two spec Europe and America. For Europe has a maximum power 407HP with engine speed between 5500-6400 rpm and 600Nm of torque between 1700-4500 rpm. Acceleration 0-100 km per hour taken 4.9 seconds, maximum speed is made equal to 640i.

Medium-powered American made 400 HP with the same engine speed as the European spec. Likewise, torque, acceleration 0-100 km per hour but faster 0.1 seconds. For transmission, there are two options, namely 6-speed manual and automatic 8-speed.

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